Brief Biography

Barry Franco

I am the Dean of the Aeronautical Studies program at Trident technical College. I have been employed by Trident for the past 10 years and have been involved in aviation maintenance for 26 years. I currently work to deliver training for Vought Aircraft Company and Global Aeronautica, the two companies in North Charleston ,SC that are involved in the building of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

I have always been interested in radio and have been an Amateur radio operator, or Ham, for the past 22 years. I am also involved in marketing the aviation programs here at Trident and believe the use of Internet radio is an excellent way to reach potential students, as well as to keep the public informed concerning matters of aviation.


Brief Biography

Brian Almquist

My first 20 years in the working world were spent in the United States Navy. While splitting my career between the submarine force and recruiting duty, I was able to complete and associate degree and a bachelor’s degree as a non-traditional student. I then came to TTC as a recruiter, moved to financial aid as an assistant director, and then to student employment director. This all gave me the experience to be able to relate to many of the challenges our students face.

I enjoy helping employers find quality employees from TTC and I take even more pleasure in helping our students and graduates find employment. Participating with the TTC radio station is just one more way that I can reach our students and the community to assist with that process.

Brief Biography

Steve Price

Steve Price is the Educational Program and Marketing Consultant for Trident Technical College’s Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development. He is also an adjunct instructor and speaker for communication, customer service, ethics, and leadership topics. He came to TTC in 2001 after and 30 year career with a Fortune 500 company.

There he developed training programs and facilitated countless seminars to executives of all levels. In his final six years with the company, he served as the chief executive of the company’s Georgia operations, producing more that $400 million dollars in annual revenue and leading over 3,000 employees.

A native of Newberry, SC, he lives on Headquarters Island and enjoys trial hiking, fishing, tennis, keeping up with his four grandchildren, and as an avid epee fencer for 18 years, is a member of the Dueling Society of Charleston.

Steve says “My focus will be on encouraging students of all ages and stages to never stop learning. Continuing education programs provide ease of registration and compelling areas of interest that can “hop up” anyone’s resume or credentials. Whether for personal growth and satisfaction or to improve career related skill sets, there are courses available in the classroom or more globally, online to fit anyone’s interest. Use caution when listening to my segments…they may just lead you on a great adventure.”

Brief Biography

Deborah Freel – Counselor for Students with Disabilities

Deborah is a social worker with 15 years of counseling experience, particularly in the areas of crisis management, trauma, and chronic mental illnesses. Deborah’s professional and personal interests also include social change, citizen action, advocacy, and her 5 year old son.

You may reach Deborah at 574-6013 or at . Her office is located on the Main Campus of Trident Technical College, building 410, room 210.

Brief Biography

Osei Terry Chandler

Osei Terry Chandler began his broadcast “career” as a volunteer at this college station, WMMC AM (MacMurray College).

In 1978 he was taken on as a volunteer jazz producer/host at WSCI FM 89.3 (South Carolina Educational Radio Network) of the Wednesday Night Jam Session (WNJS); his supervisor was Marcia Warnock. In April 1979 he expanded his programming to include a second offering on WSCI FM – The Roots Musik Karamu (RMK). RMK focuses on Reggae music but includes other genres from the Caribbean, Africa, and the USA. The WNJS was terminated circa 1980, but the RMK continues even now, broadcasting (since 1995) in Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston. “RMK features positive ‘old school’ Reggae, Calypso, and Soca, as well as contemporary music from those genres that have that old school feeling”, says Osei.

Over the years, Osei has had programs on more than a half dozen radio stations, but he never stopped offering The Roots Musik Karamu on public radio (now called ETV radio). The Roots Musik Karamu airs from 10 pm until midnight on WSCI FM 89.3, WLTR FM 91.3, and Greenville at WEPR FM 90.1.

“I am looking forward with great enthusiasm at what I can contribute to TTC’s station.”

Brief Biography

Chef Miles Huff

Job Title: Culinary Arts Instructor

Job Duties: Teaching, advising students and representing the Culinary Institute in local schools.

What do you like the most about your job?: It feels great to watch students accel in hospitality, and this is easy to do in a city such as Charleston.

Family: Wife, two daughters, and a grandson

Hobbies/Interests: Weightlifting, fishing, and eating

You may not know: I’m a member of the Wassamasaw Tribe of Varnertown Indiana.


     Well, we’ve officially launched Trident Technical College Internet Radio. The festivities were wonderful and we had a huge turnout that was above and beyond all of our expectations. Thank you to all who came and to all who have contributed to the station and shown support for this endeavor.

We hope to have photos of the event as well as some audio available very soon.

Thanks for listening.