On-Air Contributors

Faculty and Staff:

Lester Pittman – instructor and former Dean of the History, Humanities & Political Sciences Department, keeps us up to date on the Mideast on History Matters.

Richard Hartnett – instructor from English & Journalism-Reads and analyzes popular poetry in Sound and Sense and conducts interviews with actors and performers.

Brian Almquist – director of Recruiting and Student Employment, helps students find jobs.

Blake Halman – instructor of Hospitality at the Culinary Institute of Charleston, goes behind-the-scenes in the local Food & Beverage Industry.

Chef Miles Huff – instructor from the Culinary Institute of Charleston, began a series of commentaries called Chef’s News.

Osei Terry Chandler – director, Educational Opportunity Center, helps you find the right educational institution for your field of study.

Alva Hamilton – director, Student Support Services.

Tonya Smalls – counselor, Student Support Services, specializing in Transfers.

Paul Kerwin – Veterinary Technology Program Coordinator, gives pet advice.

Sharon Willis – instructor in Speech, Foreign Language & Theatre, reveals the magic of theatre.

Barry Franco – dean of Aeronautical Studies, fills us in on a rising career.

Tom Ogburn – a visual arts instructor, reflects on life.

Barbara Fogel, Department Head, Tom Brady and David Jones, instructors, from the Information Systems division of Business Technology, keeps us up to date on Information Technology.

Barbara Ankerson – Department Head of Dental Services, and Dental Hygiene from Allied Health, gives insiders story of dentistry.

Pam Middleton – director, Counseling and Disability Services, can help with career development.

Yolanda Bland and Deborah Freel from Counseling and Disability Services help us manage our hectic lives.

Roscoe Thornwaite – Dean of Distance Learning & Broadcast Services, explains how to go to college and not leave home by studying online.

Steve Price – Educational Program Consultant for Continuing Education & Economic Development, describes helpful and interesting Continuing Ed courses.

Amy Knight – chief, Public Safety, keeps the campus safe.

Katharine Purcell – director of International Education, gives insight on why one should study and travel overseas.

Marcia Warnock – Director of TTC Internet Radio, radio teacher and Spoleto Festival USA reporter.

Tony Sheppard – Digital Engineer, Distance Learning and Broadcast Services – initial website design.

Eric Chandler – an audio/visual technician for Distance Learning, designer the Headphones with Swoosh Logo.

Art students of Dolly Raines’ practicum designed promotional material.

Elise Davis-McFarland – vice president of Student Affairs, directs student services, aiding student development.

Mack Fleming, coordinator, and Sharon Coke instructor, from Horticultural Technology, gives info about how to grow plants.

Lois Stone, Department Head, Physical Therapy Assistant from Allied Health, reveals the benefits of a proper massage.

These are a sample of some of the faculty and staff regularly contributing to TTC’s Internet Radio. The list grows every day.


Rory Thomas – Personal Trainer and student proffers wellness guidance in his series, My Wellness Mentor.

Akia Cone – Beat Composer-in-Residence, Horror Facts.

Keisha Simpson – News from the ‘Hood’

Kate Sampson – Playlists featuring music on a theme, such as Rain and Stormy weather.


Christopher Stone – Engineer and producer, creator of space radio drama, playlist.

Franky Williams – Cub’s Curse, playlist.

Cassie Dennis – Original poetry, playlist.

Chris Helms – History of Wrestling, playlist.

Melvina Ravenel – A Gullah Story, playlist.

Michael-Ervin Weeks – How I Started Singing.

Samantha McCoy – Songs About Women.

Shane Tanner – Engineer and producer, playlist, host of the Indie Rock Block.

Former Students:

Richard Butler – Engineer and producer.

Timothy Threet – 6 Degrees: From Here To There.

Brian Wilson – Bananas.

Tank Spencer – Pimple On.


Harriet McDougal – former President of the Poetry Society of South Carolina and editor/ widow of fantasy, Robert Jordan, allows to air her readings of her original poetry.

Stuart Furtwangler – PSAs from Lowcountry Aids Services.

Worth Waring – Look forward to a new live show by former public radio Jazz ‘n Jive host.



  1. Hello radio hosts and contributers from TTC,

    I’m a student of the arts on campus and am also interested in entering the radio/broadcasting program at TTC. I was so psyched when I found your radio station at 365 live about a month ago. And now you have gone global on wordpress! Congratulations! I am so proud that our school programs are accessing the most current technologies and running with them! I have been tuning in when i’m online and telling my friends to listen too! After all, there is no better advertising than word of mouth 😉
    I was wondering what types of advertising the radio is utilizing and if you had contests and other incentives to get students logging on? I am sorry I missed the launch off party, I thought that was a great way to introduce yourself around campus. Much success to you all, I hope to meet some of you soon!

    Shay Hall

  2. massage therapy continuing education…

    Good post. I am looking into these issues on my blog….

  3. internet live radio…

    Great post. Gives me what I have been looking for…

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