Director of TTCIR

Marcia P. Warnock, Director of TTC Internet Radio and Instructor in the Radio and Television Division at Trident Technical College in Charleston, South Carolina.


Marcia Warnock is well suited for the job of Internet Radio Director.  Her father managed a commercial radio and television station in her hometown in Anderson, SC, she gravitated to the Public Radio and Television system in South Carolina.  She began her career at ETV while in college before graduating from the University of South Carolina with a major in Broadcasting.   In 1974, after five years at ETV in Columbia, she moved to Charleston. 



Soon she was asked to be a “founding mother” of WSCI-FM, the Charleston radio division of the South Carolina Educational Television network, where she worked up from production assistant to station manager.  In her job at WSCI Marcia traveled throughout the world, covering topics as diverse as the Mideast conflict in the late 1980s, the Spoleto Festivals in Italy and Australia, and a folk festival in Toronto. She’s sailed on Teddy Turner’s maxi ketch from Jamaica to Charleston, flew with the U.S. Air Force media tours to Panama, Newfoundland, England and Scotland and skied down mountains in North Carolina in pursuit of the story.


In 1995, budget cutbacks in the public broadcast system forced the closure of her station, then called as “the world’s most unusual radio station,” aboard the retired aircraft carrier Yorktown at Patriot’s Point in Charleston harbor.


She then worked as manager of the South Carolina Artisans Center in Walterboro, as a dispatcher for a trucking company, as a house painter and at a Land Trust before beginning a new career working for James Rigney, aka Robert Jordan, the New York Times best-selling fantasy author.  Mr. Rigney died in 2007 but she continues working for his wife and editor, Harriet.


In 1991, Marcia began her part-time teaching career at Trident Technical College and has taught every radio course, and many other related courses, at Trident Tech ever since.  She added an advanced radio course for her students so they could have the time to experience serious radio production like that found in documentaries and radio dramas.  She’s known as being “old school radio,” which she takes as a compliment.   National Public Radio, which is based on the BBC, renowned as the finest radio network in the world, was her teacher, mentor and model for honing her audio production skills and critical ear.


Marcia tries to teach her students who are heading for a commercial radio career to base their work on how it should be done.  “Many people in the radio industry have never studied the proper way to do radio, so bad habits continue to get passed on from generation to generation.  People have forgotten or never learned how to listen.  Thus the concept of intelligent audio goes generally unappreciated,” she says.


Marcia has been a reporter for Charleston’s Spoleto Festival since the Festival’s inception in 1977.  She’s held a microphone under the chins of princes, princesses, movie and rock stars, Nobel Prize winners and astronauts.  She’s had a chat with most of the great classical, folk, and jazz performers and musicians who have come to prominence in her lifetime.  Even today she’s known as Public Radio’s “Roving Reporter” where her perceptive Spoleto interviews are aired statewide during the Festival.  Beginning with the 2008 festival, Marcia’s interviews are airing on the TTC Internet Radio.


It’s easy to see how Marcia’s diverse paths have led her to create the distinct Trident Technical College Internet Radio system.  Her vision of meshing the knowledge of a technical school’s diverse faculty and staff with students, who are creative and eager to learn, blended together with music from all genres, makes a truly Neo-eclectic format suitable for everyone, from Trident’s student body to a global audience.




  1. I was wondering how or if we could do an interview or an episode about the Emergency Medical Technology Program at Trident Tech.


    • Hey Edward,

      TTC Internet radio has been economizing like the rest of the school so I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’d love to do several features on the EMT program. Give me a call at 843-813-9580 and let’s set something up.

      Take care,
      Marcia Warnock
      Director, TTC Internet Radio

  2. I wanted to do what i can to do to help i have some interviews lined up with student support, trident literacy, etc…

    . You are busy and everyone has you by the arm. So pull me to the side and let me know if there is anything i can do

    call me when you need me
    making my way and i will do it well . Here to learn. and eager!!!!!!!!!!!! with the grace of God
    i’ll holla

  3. To Marcia P. Warnock, Director of TTC Internet Radio and Instructor of Radio and Television.

    My name is John Taylor and I will be moving to Charleston in June 2010. I have over two decades of experience in all aspects of audio and video, from on-air, televsion studio supervisor, owner operator of a mobile audio and video enterprise and taught brroadcasting at columbia school of broadcsting. I am a graduate of united broadcasting college and southern california institute of technology college of engieering and information. I am currently employed by a major non-profit corporation as a media department head. I have visited Charleston and fell in love with the city and it’s people and I’m excited about relocating there. I’m looking forward to your suggestions and comments on who may be interested in my services, freelance, part-time or full-time.
    P.S. Will you help?

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