Michael Steinberg writes:

Here’s a Trident Technical College Internet Radio segment about Synethesia. Synesthesia is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. TTC Professor of English and Anthropology Sean Day lets us “hear” what he “sees” while listening to music. It’s very interesting. Have a listen.



TTC radio students cover Spoleto Festival USA

Radio instructor Marcia Warnock and two of her students participated in coverage of the Spoleto Festival USA this year for TTC Internet Radio. Marcia has been covering the festival since its inception and worked with the festival again this year to get her students access to world-class art and its creators.
Student Melissa Brooks interviewed Andrea Miller, choreographer with the Gallim Dance Company.

“It was very inspiring to watch her work, ‘I Can See Myself in Your Pupil.’ This form of dance is like no other I have ever seen,” said Melissa. “In our interview she said that she doesn’t look at her work as a style, but as a way of expressing herself and doing what is right for her body in rhythm and movement. Interviewing Andrea helped hone my interviewing skills to work in commercial radio. It was a big leap in my career goals.”

Student Michael Steinberg interviewed writer/actor Daniel Maclvor, who performed his solo show, “This is What Happens Next.”

“I’m glad that I had the chance to experience this as an assignment as part of my Radio III course,” said Michael. “Seeing it has opened my eyes to the variety of events Spoleto has to offer and I will probably make an effort to see at least one program at next year’s Spoleto. Also, interviewing someone of MacIvor’s caliber will help me in my current position at a local radio station.”

Podcasts of the individual Spoleto pieces can be found at http://www.ttcradio.mypodcast.com

Now Podcasting!

Hey folks, just wanted to give you all a heads up and let you know that we’re currently in the process of getting our original programming into podcast form so that you’ll be able to download it to your ipod or other portable mp3 player and listen to it whenever you want. Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out http://ttcradio.mypodcast.com for our podcasted programming and http://www.ttcradio.com for more information.

The New Kids on the Block

Ok, so they’re not really kids, but they are new. Please welcome Clay “Smurf” Brooks, Glenn “Mo-bucks” Weston, and Chris “Rooster” Youngblood to our station. They’re the hosts of a new program called “Don’t do this” in which they reveal the reasons why many of the things that are considered dangerous are in fact dangerous. Consider it an advice show for those who don’t have common sense.

In their first program, they went through the top ten things that one should never do when on a date, and “Rooster” revealed that he had a negative experience when doing one of the top ten.

If you have any funny stories that you would like for them to share in their program, please send an email to ttcdontdothis@yahoo.com or you can find them on their facebook page which is located at

New Semester, New Lineup

Well, the new semester has begun here at Trident Technical College and we’ve also had some changes to our lineup. Here’s our currently lineup that reflects the changes.

TTC Internet Radio Staff:

Marcia Warnock

Christopher Youngblood

Christopher Stone

John Wilson

Glenn Seale

RTV 111 Students:

Arnold Hamilton

Bethany Harper

Kurt Majors

Kamika Mattis

Brian Mcneill

RTV 211 Students:

Melissa Brooks

Rhashalm Crowell

Michael Steinberg

Christopher Youngblood

Trident Technical College Faculty and Staff:

Ann Welty

David Hansen

Jerry Walthall

Jim Haskell

Meg Howle

Mike Johnson

Pat Fox

Randy Grimes

Raymond Moody

Roscoe Thornthwaite

Tony Sheppard

Student Contributors:

Akia Cone

Floyd Jeffcoat

Tim Threet

Christopher Stone

Spring Semester 2009

Well, it’s a new year and a new semester. We have plenty of new voices that are looking forward to contributing to our internet radio station and we’re looking forward to letting those voices be heard, so be on the lookout for the talented newcomers and the new programming that will come with them.

In about a week or so we’ll be updating our list of student contributors to reflect our current enrollment in the radio program.


     Well, we’ve officially launched Trident Technical College Internet Radio. The festivities were wonderful and we had a huge turnout that was above and beyond all of our expectations. Thank you to all who came and to all who have contributed to the station and shown support for this endeavor.

We hope to have photos of the event as well as some audio available very soon.

Thanks for listening.