Brief Biography

Osei Terry Chandler

Osei Terry Chandler began his broadcast “career” as a volunteer at this college station, WMMC AM (MacMurray College).

In 1978 he was taken on as a volunteer jazz producer/host at WSCI FM 89.3 (South Carolina Educational Radio Network) of the Wednesday Night Jam Session (WNJS); his supervisor was Marcia Warnock. In April 1979 he expanded his programming to include a second offering on WSCI FM – The Roots Musik Karamu (RMK). RMK focuses on Reggae music but includes other genres from the Caribbean, Africa, and the USA. The WNJS was terminated circa 1980, but the RMK continues even now, broadcasting (since 1995) in Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston. “RMK features positive ‘old school’ Reggae, Calypso, and Soca, as well as contemporary music from those genres that have that old school feeling”, says Osei.

Over the years, Osei has had programs on more than a half dozen radio stations, but he never stopped offering The Roots Musik Karamu on public radio (now called ETV radio). The Roots Musik Karamu airs from 10 pm until midnight on WSCI FM 89.3, WLTR FM 91.3, and Greenville at WEPR FM 90.1.

“I am looking forward with great enthusiasm at what I can contribute to TTC’s station.”